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You quickest and easiest solution for cloud security and compliance

Fastest time-to-market

Eliminate 12-18 month consulting engagements so that you can get your app to market faster while eliminating the cost of delay.

Half the cost

Leverage the industry’s only pre-built, cloud-delivered security and compliance platform to reduce costs by up to 50%.

Audit-ready in days

Our SLA: Anitian will make your cloud-based application secure, compliant and audit-ready in just 60 days.

Pre-built platform

A complete stack of integrated cloud security technologies, automated compliance tools, DevOps integration, and reports.

Short path to revenue

Get your cloud apps to market in weeks – not months or years – and generate revenue faster to increase competitive advantage.

Secure by default

Anitian’s pre-engineered platform wraps a complete set of security technologies around your cloud application in hours.

Rapid compliance

Make your cloud-based applications compliant with FedRAMP, PCI, ISO/GDPR, CJIS, and HIPAA in a few weeks.

Stay ahead

Stay secure and compliant after your initial certification, through Anitian’s 24×7 SecOps and continuous monitoring.

Frontline Virtual Machines

Focus on building your applications, we'll handle the rest.

Frontline Standard VMs are virtual machines built for all operating systems in AWS.

We maintain and update these virtual machines on a regular basis and make sure to include all of the latest instance types so that you are able to use the latest technology right away.

Ideal for all environments.


Frontline Hardened VMs are virtual machines built and hardened for all operating systems in AWS.

Built with industry standard security frames, these virtual machines help launch your projects faster. We perform the hardening, updating, or maintaining the underlying operating systems.

Ideal for secure environments.

Hardened + Complaint

Frontline Hardened + Compliant VMs are virtual machines built to help you meet compliance faster in AWS.

Building on top of the Frontline Hardened VMs, these virtual machines include additional hardening and documentation to help you become compliant faster.

Ideal for compliance-regulated environments.

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